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About Us

About 4Me Sailing

4Me Sailing was created in 2008 as a sailing club that gathered lovers of sailing, nautical life and nature.

Over the years, 4Me Sailing has grown through training and regattas on sports sailboats, spreading that spirit and energy to all sailing and nautical enthusiasts.

For the last 10 years, 4Me Sailing has been engaged in charter sector, sailing tours and sailing school on large sailboats.
Many top experts are part of 4Me Sailing, such as: yoga instructors, sailing coaches and diving instructors.

Today, 4Me Sailing is represented by Nataša Brasik and Jovan Crnogorac, the founders of the company, who deal with sailing school, organization of special sailing tours and charter.

We are especially proud of our new Jeannau Sun Odissey 440 boat, on which we conduct skipper courses and our special tours (mindfulness retreats, wine and food tours, and historical touristic tours).


4Me Sailing - Jovan Crnogorac & Nataša Brasik